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Minor Projects with Source Code:-

w3axis is a top leading IT company in Panipat. We are having more than 10 years of experience in IT Line. We provide a no. of basic courses like basic/advanced website development, Android/IOS App Development Courses, Basic Course of Content Writing/SEO writing, digital marketing basic course.
We offer various 1 year/6 months/45 days professional training for B.Tech Engineering students, BCA/MCA students, Polytechnic/ITI Diploma/B.Sc.(IT)/M.Sc.(IT)/ students and job seekers. We provide the best industrial training to make the students industry-ready.
We also offer the students minor projects for their academic purpose with source code.

Minor Projects List:-

We provides the best practical knowledge with a high satisfaction ratio. We make students work on live projects which they can add to their resumes.

Minor Project on Web Development

Web Development is in-demand job title in tech and one of its top-paying job. For website development, you need a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP.

Minor Project on Android

Android Development is not only an easy skill to learn, but also highly in demand. By learning android development, you give yourself the best chance to reach any career goal you set.

Minor Project on Java

Java is a popular programming language that is used to develop mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps , games and much more. It can be used to develop applications.

Minor Project on .net

.net is a free, cross-platform ,open source developer platform for building many types of application. With .net, we can use multiple languages to build for desktop, games etc.

Major Projects with source code:-

w3axis is the first and best choice to do internship in Panipat. w3axis is one of renowned IT company in Panipat from where you can do major project, minor project, paid internship, jobs, freelancing job and many more.
You can opt for the course of your choice.
We also offer major projects for M.Tech/ M.C.A/B.Tech students. Additionally, we help the students to get ready for the interview too. We make our students interact with industry expert also so that we can draw the actual picture of working in industries.
Also, we provide students the best facilities like wifi, updated systems/software etc. Our excellence totally depend on our quality.

Major Projects List:-

We, at w3axis provides major projects and this program includes all the topics in detail for beginner as well as for experienced.

Major Project on Web Development

With our 6 months training in Web Development, we believe that our session will help you to grasp the subject better. And it will prepare students for growing their career in industry of computer.

Major Project on Android

Android Development is mixture of theory and practice to help you build great apps the right way. In this course, you will work with us step by step to build an Android app and learn the best practice of mobile development.

Major Project on Java

Our 6 months Java training/internship is designed for students and working professionals. It is widely used robust technology. Our training faculty is experienced and well-groomed. There is no pre-requisite for the course.

Major Project on .net

A short term course with the long term profit is the motto of our staff and they do not leave any minor topic during your training process. We focus on quality and cost-effective solutions. And definitely, this training will get you job ready.

Projects for B.Tech:-

In addition to enhancing technical skills, practical training for engineering students is also a way of improving their communication skills and soft skills. These training programs will help students learn how to behave with people. It will improve their leadership skills as well.
In B.Tech, students have to undergo for a minor training of almost 45 days. During this time, they have to go to any IT company or any technical institute and learn any course. They have to make a minor project as well as a project report during this time phase. And after this time period, they have to undergo for a viva for about what they have done during this time period.
We, at w3axis, provides a list of major and minor projects in website development, android development, java and .Net. And it will be beneficial for engineering students to attend this training at w3axis.

Project for BCA/MCA:-

Now-a-days, computer is basic necessity of everything. Without undergoing professional training at BCA/MCA, You will not be ready for your future completely. During your MCA, you have to undergo for 6 months industrial training/internship which is considered as a very essential part of your M.C.A. We, at, w3axis, provides you 6 months/1 year industrial training for your BCA/MCA. During this time period, you will be able to face industry in a new way. You will be ready to see the IT industry in a new manner.
Now-a-days, we live in era of Websites and mobile application. Web designing/Android app development is also very demanding today. With these skills, you will be ready for your future.
From this industrial training, the students will also develop skills in work ethics, professional behaviour, communication, management and others.

Project for M.Tech:-

w3axis is an IT company having their office in Panipat. We develop everything from website to mobile apps and provide our services to big companies. During your M.Tech, you have to undergo for a major project in your 2nd year and for a thesis and project report also. We also provide here minor project, major project as well as your project report for your M.Tech program. We make you industry ready as well as for your future ready.
Don't let your career be loss in crowd, let our training/internship build an online faces for you. We help you to become future ready. You might be doing very excellent in your academic performance but there is need to gear up your future and to make you industry ready.
Have rely on us and we will never disappoint you.


We feel happy to give you all the answers that are related to our company. products and services.

The main feature of our training and internship is our quality. We just focus on quality rather than quantity. Our trainers are well-versed and well-groomed. Under their training, you will be able to understand the real taste of industry which will be beneficial for you.
Till your project is complete, we will be always there for you at any time. Our team is committed to provide you best Digital Marketing,Website Development training. And moreover, we are having more than 10 years of experience in IT company.
We prefer to give offline training at our office. But we can consider also online way of training/internship. But, we focus on quality which can be easily provided in offline way. And we provide project report also as well as source code of project.

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